Necklace size Guide


Adjustable Necklace (16 to 18 Inches):

  1. How to Adjust: Our adjustable necklace usually features a sliding mechanism that allows you to change the length by pulling the clasp along the chain or cord. To wear it at 16 inches, slide the clasp to the desired position, and to wear it at any size between 16 -18 inches, adjust it accordingly.

  2. Choosing a Fit: Before wearing the necklace, decide whether you want it closer to the neck (16 inches) or slightly longer (18 inches) based on your outfit and personal preference.

  3. Neck Measurement: If you're unsure about the desired length, measure your neck's circumference to understand where the necklace will sit best. A 16-inch necklace will generally rest higher on the neck, while an 18-inch length will fall a bit lower, typically at the base of the throat.

  4. Outfit Considerations: Consider the neckline of your outfit. Different necklines may look better with different necklace lengths. For example, a lower neckline may be complemented by an 18-inch length, while a high neckline might suit a 16-inch length.

  5. Comfort: Ensure that the necklace sits comfortably at the chosen length without feeling too tight or too loose. You should be able to move and breathe comfortably while wearing it.

  6. Versatility: The adjustable nature of the necklace allows you to adapt it to various occasions, outfits, and layering options, making it a versatile addition to your jewelry collection.

  7. Maintenance: Follow care instructions provided by us to ensure the longevity and durability of your adjustable necklace.