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Buy 1 = Give 1 & Plant 1

For every necklace purchase; one ''hope necklace'' is given to a girl in a refugee camp, and 1 tree is planted.


Give 1: For the Princesses Across the World

As we believe every girl deserves a VUROSE necklace, we initiated the give 1 scheme, were every time a necklace is purchased from our website, this directly means one young girl in a refugee camp is delivered ''the hope necklace''. The refugee camp chosen for now is a Syrian refugee camp based in Lebanon, as one of our design team members is Lebanese and has informed us about the state in which the camps are in. These girls have been deprived from several things in life, yet always hold on to HOPE. Maybe a small gift to others, but for them, this may make their whole year, as some have never even imagined to ever owning a necklace. The Hope Necklace is not of high cost on the company, as they are made from gold-plated metal and coloured glass, but is one of the main reasons that pushes all VUROSE members to strive, knowing the impact of every gifted necklace can have on a little girl`s life. You can be that reason.

Plant 1: For the Environment 

The plant 1 is a simple step that we decided to part in, yet, its impact to help sustain our environment for the future generations to come has become and is quite significant.