DIFFERENT - Mercury Mystic Topaz Gemstone
DIFFERENT - Mercury Mystic Topaz Gemstone
DIFFERENT - Mercury Mystic Topaz Gemstone
DIFFERENT - Mercury Mystic Topaz Gemstone

DIFFERENT - Mercury Mystic Topaz Gemstone

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The Different Necklace
Designed and integrated with The Mercury Mystic Topaz Gemstone to show your different personality


Material type: 18k rose gold vermeil

Premium Gemstone: Mercury Mystic Topaz

Necklace size: 40cm with 6cm extender ( 46cm )

Decorated with 1 cubic zirconia stone to accommodate the uniquity of the style. As cubic zirconia are flawless and have been proven in many studies to over shine diamonds, they have been chosen for this collection. Thus effectively creating a more affordable design.

About the 18K rose gold vermeil: A thick layer of 18k rose gold applied to 925 sterling silver through the vermeil technique that originated in the 19th century, hence rose gold vermeil is also real rose gold, the highest quality and longest lasting option aside from solid gold, that is a great option for sensitive skin.

 Our rose gold vermeil collection necklaces are guaranteed with our approved authenticity card certifications


Unboxing example: The Courageous Necklace


 All Necklaces in the 18K Rose Gold Vermeil collection are packaged and delivered as seen in the unboxing video (with their corresponding Authentications, Certifications, Booklets and Cards)

About The Mercury Mystic Topaz Gemstone

The name itself likely comes from an island in the Red Sea, which the Greeks called Topazos (it's now named Zabargad).

The stone modernly called "topaz" was never found on Topazos, but other gems--called "topaz" by ancient peoples without mineralogy--certainly were. Topaz is a hard stone with a range of natural colours, with some colours being more valuable. In fact, the value of some topaz is based on their depth of colour, not their carat weight! This aluminum silicate stone contains up to 20% fluorine or water (which determines its colour) and often grows into large crystals. Mercury Mystic Topaz is known for the attractive variety of different colours and shades it presents.

About This Collection

Designed to Signify Character: Every gemstone symbolises a different personality that is thereby designed to represent that distinct personality uniquely.
Gemstone  Persona ➤ Design
The motive for each necklace is to show your true nature in a distinct instinctive attractive manner that denotes uniqueness. ''Read more'' about our motive.
Buy 1 = Give1 & Plant1
For every necklace purchase from the 18K Rose Gold Vermeil Collection; one ''hope necklace'' is given to a young girl in a refugee camp, and one tree is planted. Read more


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